Renault Key Card Replacement VS Renault Key Card Repair

Below you will find information regarding the advantages and disadvantages or repairing and replacing Renault Key Cards

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Why you may consider repairing your Renault Key Card?

Very often we are asked if it is worth to have a Renault Key Card repaired, below are examples of situation when you may consider repairing your Renault Key Card.

Example 1 – Your key cards works to lock and unlock your vehicle, however fails to start your Renault up. In most cases you will notice a message ‘card not detected’ on your dashboard. The chances of a successful repair of the key card are very low and in most cases a repair will not be possible. The difficulty is that no warranty is given on key card repairs and even if successful, you may struggle with the same issue in few weeks time.

Example 2 – The key card will start your car but will not lock or unlock it. We always advise to change the battery on the key card as the battery is responsible for locking and unlocking function of your Renault key card. If this doesn’t help you may want to try the repair option, chances for a successful repair are around 50{00b4f31020f30169a1340724a88f0d6be7be911d8cde97558140de1736a30172} and if you have a spare card to use while the other key cards is being sent off to repairs, giving it a try may work for you.

Example 3 – The key card does not work at all. It will not start your car and will not lock or unlock it. Forget about the repairs, there is no chance it will be successful and will last long time. In a matter of a month you will find yourself in the same situation all over again.

Example 4 – The key card works on and off for both locking and starting the car up. Periodical issues with your Renault key card are the first signs of your key card developing faults and of it being about to stop working. You should contact Renault key card specialists as soon as possible.

We have recently decided to stop Renault Key Card repair service. We have taken into consideration the cost effectiveness for our customers and came to a conclusion that this service should not be offered. Below are some of the reason why, we have taken this decision:

  • no warranty can be given on success of the repair
  • repair option is not cost effective and in the long run costs more than a replacement Renault key card
  • no warranty on how long the repaired key card will work
  • risk of Renault key card damage while in transit
  • waiting times

Upside of having a replacement Renault key card

  • brand new key card with warranty
  • mobile service that comes to you
  • same day service available
  • after-sales support
  • peace of mind

Some of our customers have asked us if we can program a key card bought on Amazon or eBay. The short answer is yes, however  be very cautious when purchasing Renault key cards online, if a key card has been used on another vehicle it will not be possible to program it to your car. Avoid the disappointment and money wasting by booking the entire service with us.

All Major Insurance Companies accept our receipts when paying out customers claims.

Booking us is easy and can be done via various channels. You can contact us by phone, online chat, e-mail and text. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team will answer all your questions, asses the situation and provide a free quote within minutes.

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Why is it worth to use our Renault Key Card Replacement Service 

We offer a fully comprehensive service, including mobile call out, key card programming, emergency key cutting – all of that offered at the comfort of your own home as we come to you.

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New Key Card  + Key Card Programming + Mobile Call Out
Prices From £90 No Hidden Costs
Landline Phone: 01495 616 588 or Mobile Phone: 07950 206 034

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