Due to lack of certainty of how long the effects of repair may last, we have decided to suspend the key card repair service.
There is no warranty on how long the soldering will last and as a responsible service provider we have decided that this service is not cost effective for our customers.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you and we would like to invite you to view our offers of replacement key cards.

Renault Key & Key Card Repair 

This page will help you decide which option is better for you – a new Renault key card or a repair service.

Is your Renault key or key card playing up? Having Issues with locking or unlocking your car? Are you unable to start your Renault? Can you see various warning messages on your dashboard? Card not detected? Key card battery low? Insert key card? All those messages are indicating that your key card developed a fault.

Renault Key & Key Card Repair 
Prices Start From £20 (All Included – No Hidden Costs)

Renault Key & Key Card Repair

To repair or not to repair?

This is the question many of our customers ask themselves. Unfortunately we can’t decide for you. We are here to help and we are offering two solutions – repair and replacement. Each of the solutions has their advantages and disadvantages.

Key repair & Key card repair is usually the best choice if you are on a tight budget and if you are absolutley certian that there was no mechanical or liquid damage to you key card. If a key card  suddenly stops working, without any reason or warning, than this is usually due to poor soldering and can be easily fixed.

If however your key card ended up in washing maching along with your trousers than repairing it may not make much sense.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase repair option via our website
  2. Pack your key card in protective envelope
  3. Post your key card to us via signed for mail
  4. Include your name and full address along with the key card

Once we receive your card, we will dismantle it, repair any faults and reseal the key card shell. We will test your key card to make sure it works as it should and we will post it back to you via signed for mail.

We also offer brand new key card cases, if your case is cracked but the card still works fine than you should have it replaced immediately to protect the fragile inside of your card.

What does your repair service include?

  1. We will replace the buttons in the key card
  2. We will repair the transponder that is causing the ‘Card not detected’ problem
  3. We will clean and inspect the circuit board
  4. We will exhange your battery
  5. We will test all your key card functions
  6. We will use your original key card case unless you told us otherwise.